Just who is Elin Nordegren Woods, anyway?

November 30, 2009

Being married to the world’s richest athlete apparently has done little to change Elin’s public persona. We don’t see her doing reality shows, we don’t see her on the covers of magazines every month, and aside from releasing some photos, she doesn’t parade around her children – two-year-old Sam and nine-month-old Charlie – seeking publicity. It’s refreshing, really, to see someone in the limelight who’s so apparently unconcerned with the fame-hungry world of modern celebrity.

And this brings up the question of obligation. Is Elin Woods obligated to share anything about herself with the world just because of the man she married? Of course not.  Their private life is just that: private. Anything that goes on behind closed doors is their business, and theirs alone … as long as no crimes have been committed. Without speculating on the Woods case, any time there is a reasonable suspicion of domestic violence, it does indeed become a public matter.




One Response to “Just who is Elin Nordegren Woods, anyway?”

  1. I think Elin has handled this situation very well. She is composed, not allowing the press to antagonize her, and setting an example for abused women everywhere. You go girl!

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