Who are the thought leaders in educational leadership? Jul 30th, 2010 by Jon Becker

August 3, 2010

… If professors of educational leadership truly want to be the thought leaders and to be a part of any sort of school change process, they need to free themselves from the shackles of tradition. They need to stop publishing their high-quality, thoughtful work in journals that nobody who does the work of school leadership reads. They should make it a point to publish in open access journals;  open access is not mutually exclusive from peer-reviewed. Also, they should disseminate their ideas through blogs so they don’t have to wait for the ridiculously long lag-time associated with publishing in journals. My educational leadership professorial colleagues such as Scott McLeod, Justin Bathon and Bruce Baker disseminate their knowledge beautifully and regularly on their blogs. They also regularly engage with educators and educational policy-makers through Twitter. They should be beacons for the future of the educational leadership professoriate. …




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