Waiting For Superman: Philip Anschutz and Walden Media: What Kind of Agenda?

November 13, 2010

Many left-leaning moviegoers will believe the film must be true: it’s produced by that great curly-haired fellow who made ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’  Never mind his misunderstanding of NAEP cut levels, his misrepresentation of tenure, and his refusal to provide even a slight bit of nuance about charter schools – the public comes away from this flick not even know what they don’t know (yes, I’ve seen it).  And, as far as someone like Philip Anschutz is concerned, that’s just fine and dandy – it fits right in with the school reform agenda pushed by the think tanks he funds. http://www.schoolsmatter.info/2010/10/philip-anschutz-and-walden-media-what.html 

This boils down to a non partisan issue. This reveals some hidden partisanship on behalf of the filmmakers, which ultimately means they don’t have the interests of the kids. Surprise.


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